Book 7

7.121 Xerxes sent his ships ahead to wait for him at Therme, then he and the army marched on from Acanthus.

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7.122 The fleet sailed through the canal at Athos, then sailed directly toward Therme, adding forces from the places they passed en route.

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7.123 They added ships and forces from Potidaea and Aphytis, for example, and from Mende, Scione, Sane, Lipaxus, and many others.

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7.124 The fleet arrived at Therme and waited for the king. Xerxes, meanwhile, was marching west from Acanthus through Paeonia and Crestonia.

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7.125 On the way, lions continually attacked Xerxes' camels at night. Strangely, the camels were the only creatures that the lions attacked.

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7.126 There are lots of lions and wild oxen in these parts. The lions are found only west of the Nestus River and east of the Achelous.

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7.127 When Xerxes arrived at Therme his army encamped there. They occupied all the land from Therme to the Lydias and Haliacmon Rivers.

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7.128 Xerxes sailed off to see the mouth of the Peneus River. He asked his peeps if its course could be altered so it met the sea elsewhere.

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7.129 People say that Thessaly was once a lake, hemmed in by mountains before Poseidon made the channel through which the Peneus now flows.

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7.130 When told the Peneus couldn't change course, Xerxes knew why Thessaly had capitulated: one could easily flood it by damming the river.

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