Book 7

7.131 Xerxes lingered in Pieria while his men cleared trees to facilitate the army's march. The heralds he'd sent to Greece had returned.

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7.132 All the Boeotians had medized but the Thespians & Plataeans. The Greek allies swore an oath against them & the other medizing Greeks.

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7.133 Xerxes hadn't sent heralds to Sparta or Athens, however, as the last heralds sent had been thrown respectively into a well and pit.

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7.134 The Spartans, punished for the offense w/bad omens, decided to atone by sending Sperthias & Bulis, volunteers, to Persia to be killed.

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7.135 S & B met en route w/Hydarnes, who asked why they resisted Persia. If he knew what freedom was, they said, he'd bid them fight for it.

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7.136 The two arrived at Susa and offered themselves to Xerxes to be killed, but he refused to repay the Spartans' offense with his own.

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7.137 So S & B went home. Much later their sons were killed while serving as heralds--divine punishment, finally, for the Spartans' offense.

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7.138 Xerxes' expedition was nominally against Athens, but in fact against all the Greeks. Some capitulated; those who didn't were scared.

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7.139 My opinion is this: the Athenians saved Greece. The Greeks could not have won w/o their fleet. They would have medized or been killed.

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7.140 The Athenians had received a terrifying oracle from Delphi urging them to flee to the ends of the earth before the Persians invaded.

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