Book 7

7.141 A 2nd oracle told them that only a wall of wood would help them, and that the island of Salamis would destroy many children of women.

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7.142 Two readings of the oracle prevailed: the wooden wall was the Acropolis or the fleet. But if the fleet, why the warning re. Salamis?

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7.143 Themistocles suggested that Salamis would prove baneful to *enemy* children of women, not to the Athenians. Plus, wooden wall = fleet.

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7.144 It was Themistocles who'd persuaded the Athenians to use surplus $ from the mines to build ships--w/which they'd now confront Xerxes.

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7.145 The Greeks met & resolved to: 1. end their in-fighting, 2. send spies to Persia, & 3. send envoys to Argos, Sicily, Corcyra, & Crete.

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7.146 The 3 men sent to Asia as spies were caught. They would have been executed, but Xerxes put a stop to it and had them shown everything.

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7.147 Xerxes wanted the spies to return home and report on the size of his forces. That way many of the Greeks would surrender w/o a fight.

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7.148 The envoys sent to Argos were told the Argives would join in fighting Persia if they were given leadership of half the Greek league.

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7.149 The Spartans offered instead to give Argos' king a vote equal to 1 of their kings, but the Argives refused & kicked them out of Argos.

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7.150 That's the Argives' story. But some say they had an agreement with Xerxes & used the leadership issue as a pretext to remain neutral. 

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