Book 7

7.171 Crete was then repopulated by new peeps. These fought at Troy, came home, & (mostly) died. Crete is now occupied by a 3rd population.

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7.172 The Thessalians medized of necessity. They asked the Greeks for help against Xerxes, as their country would be the 1st to be overrun.

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7.173 The Greeks sent an army to the Tempe Pass, between Macedon & Thessaly, but they left after Alexander of Macedon urged them 2 withdraw.

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7.174 So the Thessalians, having been abandoned by the Greeks, were forced to side with Xerxes.

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7.175 Meeting at the Isthmus, the Greeks next decided they'd defend the pass at Thermopylae while their fleet sailed to nearby Artemisium.

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7.176 Artemisium's on the n. coast of Euboea. The Therm. pass is narrow, bounded by a mtn [to south] & the sea [north] & bisected by a wall.

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7.177 The Greeks chose Thermopylae because the Persians would be unable to take advantage of their cavalry & overwhelming nos. in the pass.

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7.178 Meanwhile, the Delphians consulted Apollo and were told to pray to the winds, as they would be great allies for the Greeks.

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7.179 The Delphians still sacrifice to the winds. 10 Persian ships sailed from Therme & chased off 3 Greek ships on guard duty off Sciathus.

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7.180 The Persians immediately captured one of the ships. They took the handsomest man on board, a certain Leon, and slit his throat.

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