Book 7

7.181 They captured a 2nd ship. One of the crewmen, Pytheas, fought so bravely that the Persians treated his wounds afterward & honored him.

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7.182 The third ship escaped. The Athenians on board beached the ship at the mouth of the Peneus and made their way overland back to Athens.

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7.183 The Greek fleet learned of this by signal fire and withdrew to Chalcis in the Euripus. The Persians sailed from Therme to Cape Sepias.

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7.184 The Persians had 1207 ships & 3000 boats. There were some 2,317,610 men serving in the fleet and army who’d come w/Xerxes from Asia.

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7.185 By my estimate, another 2,461,610 men were recruited to his forces from Europe.

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7.186 Add to that the servants and the guys in the provision boats, and Xerxes was prob. commanding 5,283,220 men when he got to Sepias.

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7.187 Plus, an untold number of women, eunuchs, and animals accompanied the army. It's a wonder there was enough food for all of them.

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7.188 The Persians sailed to Sepias & anchored 8 deep offshore. In the A.M. a great wind came up & wrecked many of the ships against rocks.

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7.189 They say that the Athenians at Chalcis had called upon Boreas, the North Wind, to help them by destroying the Persians' ships.

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7.190 No fewer than 400 Persian ships were destroyed, they say, and a vast number of lives and much property lost.

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