Book 7

7.11 Xerxes, furious, called Artabanus a coward. He said either Persia must fall to Greece, or Greece to Persia. There was no middle ground.

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7.12 But X changed his mind before bed: the expedition was off. That nite he dreamt a man said he'd have cause to regret his change of plan.

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7.13 Despite the dream, X. told his peeps the next day that he would not be attacking Greece: he'd been wrong to reject Artabanus' counsel.

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7.14 That night, the same man appeared to Xerxes in a 2nd dream and warned him: if he didn't attack Greece, he would quickly be brought low.

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7.15 Terrified, Xerxes told Artabanus about the dream. He bid A. use his throne & bed: if a god had sent the dream it would come to him too.

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7.16 Artabanus wasn't keen on the idea but agreed to it. Still, he didn't think a god had sent the dream: X. simply had Greece on his mind.

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7.17 Artabanus slept in the king's bed and the dream came to him: it said he wouldn't escape punishment for trying to change what was fated.

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7.18 Artabanus leapt up when the dream was about to burn out his eyes. He told Xerxes they should attack Greece: the expedition was back on.

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7.19 Xerxes began preparing in earnest. He had a 3rd dream that was interpreted by the Magi to mean he'd take over the world.

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7.20 Xerxes prepared for 4 years, and in the 5th he began his campaign. His forces were greater even than those sent by the Greeks to Troy.

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