Book 7

7.191 Many provision boats were lost too. By sacrificing, etc., the Magi got the wind to stop on the 4th day--unless it stopped on its own.

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7.192 After the storm the Greeks at Chalcis heard about the damage the Persian fleet had sustained. They hurried back to Artemisium.

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7.193 The Persians, meanwhile, sailed from Sepias, rounded the Cape of Magnesia, and anchored at Aphetae.

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7.194 15 Persian ships, lagging behind the rest, accidentally sailed toward Artemisium rather than Aphetae. The Greeks easily captured them.

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7.195 The Greeks interrogated their prisoners, then sent them in bonds to the Isthmus of Corinth.

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7.196 Xerxes, meanwhile, marched south with the land army through Thessaly and Achaea. He arrived in Malis three days after the fleet.

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7.197 In Achaea X was told the story of why the Achaeans, in accordance w/an oracle, punish the 1st-born descendants of a guy named Phrixus.

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7.198 Xerxes marched into Malis along the gulf. The land is flat, bounded inland by mtns & crossed by the Spercheus, Dyras, & Black Rivers.

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7.199 The city of Trachis is about a half mile from the Black River. South of Trachis there's a ravine through which the Asopus River flows.

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7.200 South of the Asopus is the Phoenix, which empties into the Asopus. From there it's about 1.75 miles to Thermopylae.

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