Book 7

7.201 Xerxes camped in the Trachinian part of Malis while the Greeks camped in the Thermopylae Pass itself, which locals call the Gates.

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7.202 There were 300 Spartiates at Thermopylae & 2800 other Peloponnesians. Another 700 came from Thespis in Boeotia and 400 from Thebes.

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7.203 The Opuntian Locrians were there as well, in full force, as well as a thousand Phocians.

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7.204 Leonidas of Sparta, the son of Anaxandrides, was in overall command of these various contingents. He had become king unexpectedly.

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7.205 Leo's two older bros had died w/o sons. L. picked his 300 Spartans & urged Thebes to join as well as they were suspected of medism.

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7.206 More Spartans were due to go to Thermopylae after the Carnean Festival. Other Greeks intended to show up after the Olympics.

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7.207 When the Greeks at Thermopylae saw the enemy, many wanted to retreat to the Isthmus. Leo refused & sent requests for reinforcements. 

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7.208 Meanwhile, Xerxes sent a spy to see what the Greeks in the pass were up to. He saw the Spartans exercising and combing their hair.

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7.209 Xerxes couldn’t believe they were really going to fight him. Demaratus assured him they were preparing for war.

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7.210 Xerxes waited 4 days, thinking the Greeks would run. On the 5th, his Medes & Cissians attacked the Greeks but failed to defeat them.

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