Book 7

7.211 Next Xerxes sent his Immortals against the Greeks, but they fared no better than the Medes. The Spartans fought especially well.

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7.212 The Persians did no better on day 2 and withdrew. The Greeks--except the Phocians--fought by nation, in turns, & were still fresh. 

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7.213 Xerxes didn't know what to do, but a local named Ephialtes, wanting $$$, told him about a path that led over the mtn to Thermopylae.

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7.214 Some say it was Onetes & Corydallus who told Xerxes, but I don't agree. The Greeks later put a price on Ephialtes' head, not theirs.

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7.215 Xerxes was pleased with Ephialtes' information. He immediately sent Hydarnes and his men off along the path.

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7.216 The path is called the Anopaea. It begins at the Asopus River and extends along the mountain, ending at the city of Alpenus.

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7.217 The Persians marched along the path all night. At dawn they reached the summit, where 1000 Phocians had been stationed to keep watch.

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7.218 The Phocians fled to the mtn top, thinking the Persians would pursue them, but the Persians bypassed them and continued on the path.

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7.219 The Greeks in the pass heard from lookouts that the Persians were coming along the path. Some of them fled. Others prepared to fight.

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7.220 But some say--and I believe this--that Leonidas sent the allies away. Meanwhile, he and his Spartiates refused to quit their post.

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