Book 7

7.221 A proof of this is that Leonidas ordered the prophet Megistias to leave. Megistias refused to go, but he did send his son home.

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7.222 The rest of the allies went home, but Leonidas made the Thebans stay, against their will, and the Thespians volunteered to do so.

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7.223 Xerxes attacked again on the 3rd day and the Greeks, knowing they would die, fought in a frenzy, with no regard for their lives.

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7.224 Leonidas fell in the fight & other famous Spartans: I've learned the names of the 300 who died with him. Two sons of Darius also died.

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7.225 When the Persians from the path arrived, the Greeks retreated to a hill. Surrounded, they fought w/daggers & with their hands & teeth.

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7.226 They say Dieneces was the bravest Greek. Told the Persians' arrows would darken the sky, he rejoiced that they'd fight in the shade.

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7.227 Dieneces said other cool stuff too. After him, 2 Spartan brothers were bravest, Alpheus & Maron. The bravest Thespian was Dithyrambus.

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7.228 Epitaphs later commemorated the Greek dead, e.g.: Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that here obedient to their laws we lie.

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7.229 There's a story that Leonidas released two injured men from service. Eurytus chose to stay & died fighting, and Aristodemus went home.

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7.230 Others say Aristodemus was serving as a messenger: he dallied on the way back to the army & in that way avoided dying at Thermopylae.

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