Book 7

7.231 Back in Sparta he was labeled a coward. No one would speak to him or give him fire. But he restored his honor fighting at Plataea.

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7.232 Another Spartan, Pantites, went as a messenger to Thessaly & thus survived Thermopylae. When he got back to Sparta he hanged himself.

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7.233 When the other Greeks retreated to the hill, the Thebans surrendered. They told the Persians they'd been forced to fight.

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7.234 After the battle was won Xerxes asked Demaratus how many men like the Spartans were left (answer: 8000) and how he could defeat them.

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7.235 Demaratus suggested he distract the Spartans by harrying the Peloponnese by sea. Otherwise he'd face terrible fighting at the Isthmus.

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7.236 Xerxes' brother Achaemenes, however, advised him not to follow Demaratus' advice as it would mean separating his fleet and land army.

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7.237 Xerxes said that he trusted his guest-friend Demaratus, but in this case he was going to take Achaemenes' advice.

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7.238 Xerxes walked around among the Greek corpses. When he found Leonidas', he ordered that its head be cut off and impaled on a stake.

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7.239 Demaratus had sent a secret text to Sparta pre-war to tell them Xerxes was invading. Leonidas' wife Gorgo figured out how to read it. 

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