Book 7

7.21 Nations throughout Xerxes' empire contributed men & equipment--ships from here, horsemen from there. The vast host drank rivers dry.

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7.22 By way of preparation, Xerxes had a canal dug through the peninsula at Athos--fearing the wreck of another fleet off the coast.

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7.23 They dug the canal by passing buckets of dirt up, one man to another. Most of the crews had trouble w/the sides of the canal caving in.

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7.24 I think X. dug the canal out of arrogance: he could've drawn his ships across the isthmus instead. He also ordered the Strymon bridged.

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7.25 Xerxes had ropes prepared and corn stored. The provisions were stored around the Persian world, wherever was suitable.

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7.26 Meanwhile, the land army was marching to Sardis w/Xerxes, having gathered in Cappadocia. On the way they came to Celaenae in Phrygia.

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7.27 A Lydian named Pythius met Xerxes there. He entertained the army & offered funding. He was, after Xerxes, the richest man in the world.

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7.28 Xerxes asked Pythius how much $$$ he had and Pythius told him, to the penny. He offered X. everything except what he needed to live on.

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7.29 Xerxes was delighted with Pythius' generosity, but he declined his offer. Instead, he rewarded Pythius and made him his guest-friend.

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7.30 Having given Pythius money, Xerxes & his men left Celaenae & marched to Cydrara, which marks the boundary between Phrygia and Lydia.

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