Book 7

7.41 Xerxes, while they marched, sat now in his chariot, now in a covered carriage. Thousands followed him, including the 10,000 Immortals.

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7.42 The army advanced from Lydia to Mysia, then north up the coast toward Troy. A storm killed many of them as they camped near Mt. Ida.

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7.43 When the army reached Troy, Xerxes climbed the Trojan citadel and sacrificed a thousand cattle to Athena.

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7.44 At Abydus Xerxes surveyed his entire host from a platform on the side of a hill and watched his ships race one another.

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7.45 Seeing the Hellespont and its shores filled with his ships and men, Xerxes declared himself happy, then burst into tears.

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7.46 He told Artabanus he was crying bc they'd all be dead in 100 yrs. Worse yet, said A, is that all men wish themselves dead b4 they die.

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7.47 X asked A. if he'd still be anti-campaign if he hadn't seen the dream. I still have misgivings, A. said, as you face 2 formidable foes.

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7.48 What? Xerxes asked. You think our army's not big enough? Or our fleet isn't up to snuff? Both? If so, let's call up more men.

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7.49 Your foes are the land & sea, A said. The harbors are too small to protect your fleet, & you'll have less food the more land you take.

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7.50 You worry too much, X said. You've got to take chances in life. No pain no gain. Plus, we've got food with us & the Greeks are farmers.

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