Book 7

7.51 Artabanus advised Xerxes to at least leave the Ionians home: if they went on the campaign they might elect to help their fellow Greeks.

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7.52 No way, Xerxes said: their families back home are hostages to their good behavior. BTW, you're in charge of Persia while I'm gone.

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7.53 So Xerxes sent his uncle off to Susa to run things in his absence. Then he called his nobles in and gave them a pep talk.

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7.54 A couple days later they were ready to start crossing the Hellespont. Xerxes poured a libation and prayed to the sun.

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7.55 Then the crossing started--baggage animals, the 10,000, the cavalry, Xerxes, and everybody else. The fleet crossed over to Europe too.

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7.56 After Xerxes crossed, he watched the rest of his army do so. The crossing took seven days and seven nights, without a break.

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7.57 Afterwards X ignored an omen--a horse birthed a hare. It seemed to mean the Persians would run like rabbits on their way out of Greece.

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7.58 The fleet sailed west out of the Hellespont, and the army marched east out of the Chersonese, then west to meet up with the ships.

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7.59 They met at Doriscus in Thrace. The ships were hauled ashore to dry, and Xerxes decided it was a good place to number his army.

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7.60 There were 1,700,000 in the land army. They counted them by herding men into a walled area they built that could hold 10,000 at a time.

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