Book 7

7.61 This is who marched with the army. The Persians, in tunics & tiaras & with wicker bucklers, served under Otanes, Xerxes' father-in-law.

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7.62 The Medes served under Tigranes. The Cissians wore turbans and were commanded by Anaphes. The Hyrcanians served under Megapanus.

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7.63 The Assyrians had twisted bronze helmets and iron-studded wooden clubs. The Chaldaeans were with them. They served under Otaspes.

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7.64 The Bactrians and Sacae (who are Scythians) fought under Darius' son Hystaspes. The Sacae wore high, pointed caps and trousers.

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7.65 The Indians wore cotton and carried iron-tipped reed arrows. They were under the command of Pharnazathres.

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7.66 The Arians served under Sisamnes, and the Parthians & Chorasmians w/Artabazus, Sogdians w/Azanes, and Gandarians & Dadicae w/Artyphius.

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7.67 The Caspians and Pactyes had cloaks and native bows, and the Sarangae wore brilliantly dyed clothes and knee-high boots. 

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7.68 The Utians and Mycians were commanded by Arsamenes, son of Darius, and the Paricanians by Siromitres, son of Oeobazus.

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7.69 The Arabians wore girded mantles, the Ethiopians leopard skins. They smeared themselves w/vermilion & gypsum and carried studded clubs.

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7.70 The eastern Ethiopians wore horse skins (w/ears & mane) on their heads. They have straight hair. The western Ethiopians' hair is wooly.

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