Book 7

7.71 The Libyans wore leather and carried stakes of charred wood.

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7.72 The Paphlagonians, Ligyans, Matieni, Mariandyni & Syrians wore boots & had woven helmets, small shields & spears, javelins, & daggers.

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7.73 The Phrygians (who used to be called Briges) & Armenians were commanded by Artochmes, Darius’ son-in-law.

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7.74 The Lydians and Mysians were commanded by Artaphrenes, son of the Artaphrenes who, with Datis, led the Persians at Marathon.

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7.75 The Thracians wore fox skins on their heads and doeskin boots. They were commanded by Bassaces, the son of Artabanus.

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7.76 Another people [I forget who] carried wolf hunter’s spears & wore horned bronze helmets. They wrapped red cloth around their shins.

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7.77 The Cabalees were equipped like the Cilicians. The Milyae fastened their clothes with brooches and wore leather caps.

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7.78 The Moschi, Tibareni, Macrones, and Mossynoeci all had wooden helmets and little spears with long spearpoints.

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7.79 The Mares and Colchians were commanded by Pharandates. The Alarodians and Saspires served under Masistius.

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7.80 Mardontes commanded those who served from the islands of the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. He would die in the following year at Mycale.

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