Book 7

7.81 So, the aforementioned served in Xerxes' infantry. Over them were appointed captains of units of 10, 100, 1000, and 10,000 troops.

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7.82 The 6 supreme commanders of the land army were Xerxes' cousin Mardonius, two other cousins, his brother Masistes, Gergis, & Megabyzus.

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7.83 Hydarnes, tho, commanded the so-called Immortals, who always numbered 10,000. The Persians wore gold & brought servants & concubines.

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7.84 I'll name below those who furnished horses for Xerxes' army. (Some of the cavalry wore helmets of hammered bronze and iron.)

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7.85 The Sagartians supplied 8000 horse. They carry daggers and lasso the enemy to kill them.

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7.86 These also furnished cavalry: the Medians, Cissians, Indians, Bactrians, Caspians, Libyans, & Paricanians. The Arabians rode on camels.

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7.87 There were 80,000 horse, not counting the chariots and camels: the Arabians were always in the rear because horses can't stand camels.

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7.88 Harmamithres & Tithaeus led the cavalry. Pharnuches was to lead as well, but his horse threw him: his men later sawed off its legs.

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7.89 The Persians had 1207 triremes. Those who furnished them were as follows. The Phoenicians and Palestinian Syrians: 300. Egyptians: 200.

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7.90 The Cyprians furnished 150 ships. Their kings wore turbans on their heads.

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