Book 8

8.1 The Athenians contributed 127 ships to the allied Greek fleet. (The Plataeans joined their crews.) Corinth contributed 40, Sparta 10.

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8.2 The Greeks had 271 triremes at Artemisium. Their leader was the Spartan Eurybiades: the allies refused to follow anyone but a Spartan.

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8.3 Early on there'd been talk of the Athenians commanding by sea, but they withdrew any claim to leadership when the allies balked.

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8.4 When the Greeks saw the no. of Persian ships at Aphetae they wanted to withdraw. The locals bribed Themistocles to make the Greeks stay.

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8.5 Themistocles in turn used 8 of the 30 talents he'd been given to bribe Eurybiades and the Corinthian Adeimantus. He kept the rest.

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8.6 So the Greeks stayed at Artemisium. The Persians wanted to fight, but they didn't want to give the Greeks a chance to flee to safety.

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8.7 They sent 200 ships to sail clockwise around Euboea & block the Greeks from escaping to the south. The rest would attack from the front.

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8.8 A diver named Scyllias deserted from the Persians. He made his way to Artemisium and told the Greeks about the ships sent around Euboea.

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8.9 That afternoon the Greeks at Artemisium put to sea against the Persians, wanting to see how they fought and handled tactical maneuvers.

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8.10 The Persians, seeing how few ships the Greeks had, were contemptuous. They sailed out and encircled the Greeks.

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