Book 8

8.91The Athenians wrecked many enemy ships both in the fight & as they fled. The Aeginetans got them when they tried to leave the strait.

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8.92 An Aeginetan mocked Themistocles, ship to ship, for questioning Aegina's allegiance. Meanwhile the Persians who could fled to Phalerum.

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8.93 The Aeginetans earned the greatest repute in the battle, and after them the Athenians. Artemisia escaped safely to Phalerum.

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8.94 The Athenians say the Corinthians fled the battle (until a god convinced them to return). But the other Greeks attest to their bravery.

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8.95 Aristides led a bunch of armed Athenians to the island of Psyttaleia. They killed the Persians stationed there.

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8.96 When the battle was over, the Greeks towed in what wrecks remained (the wind carried many toward Attica) and prepared to fight again.

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8.97 Xerxes was worried the Greeks would sail to the Hellespont, destroy his bridges, & trap him in Europe. He secretly planned to run away.

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8.98 He sent news of the defeat to Persia. The message was conveyed by mounted couriers who weren’t deterred by snow, rain, heat, or night.

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8.99 Xerxes had sent them good news earlier, after he'd sacked Athens. Now the Persians lamented over this defeat, & they blamed Mardonius.

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8.100 Mardonius, worried he’d pay a price for favoring war, suggested that Xerxes withdraw and leave it to him to take Greece.

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