Book 8

8.111 The Greeks, no longer pursuing the Persians, laid siege to Andros. Themistocles demanded the Andrians fork over $$$, but they refused.

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8.112 Themistocles also threatened other islands w/a siege if they didn't pay. Carystus & Paros paid, seeing Andros besieged for medizing.

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8.113 Mardonius took his picked army to winter in Thessaly. He had all together 300,000 men, including cavalry.

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8.114 Per the advice of an oracle, the Spartans sent a herald to Xerxes demanding retribution for the death of Leonidas. Xerxes laughed.

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8.115 Xerxes marched with an army overland from Thrace to the Hellespont, his men starving and sick en route. Some had to be left behind.

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8.116 A Thracian king had forbidden his six sons to march against Greece. They went anyway. When they got back, dad gouged their eyes out.

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8.117 When the Persians got to the Hellespont, they found that their bridges had been wrecked (by a storm). They crossed the strait by boat.

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8.118 Some say Xerxes traveled from Thrace to Asia by sea & that he forced many Persians to jump overboard to lighten the boat in a storm.

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8.119 I don't believe it. For one thing, if Xerxes had made anyone jump overboard, it would've been the Phoenician rowers, not Persians.

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8.120 Also, Xerxes definitely stopped at Abdera en route, and it's closer to the Hellespont than the city from which he allegedly took ship.

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