Book 8

8.121 The Greeks couldn't take Andros. They attacked Carystus, then returned to Salamis, divided the spoils, & made dedications to the gods.

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8.122 The Greeks sent stuff to Delphi, but the god demanded a greater prize from the Aeginetans. Hearing this, they dedicated 3 gold stars.

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8.123 The Greeks next went to the Isthmus to award prizes for valor. Each commander voted for himself 1st & thought Themistocles 2nd best.

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8.124 They disbanded w/o naming a victor. Themistocles was lauded as the cleverest man in Greece. He visited Sparta & was honored big time.

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8.125 Someone later said Themistocles had only been honored bc of Athens. Okay, T. said, but you, tho Athenian, wouldn’t be honored at all.

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8.126 Artabazus had escorted Xerxes to the Hellespont w/60,000 men. On his way back to Greece he learned Potidaea had revolted from Persia.

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8.127 He laid siege to Potidaea and nearby Olynthus. After taking Olynthus, he slit the inhabitants' throats.

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8.128 Artabazus was working w/a traitor inside Potidaea. They communicated by wrapping messages around arrows & shooting at an agreed spot.

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8.129 3 months into the siege the H2O around Potidaea receded. Many Persians were drowned when it returned. The rest went back to Thessaly.

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8.130 Xerxes' fleet had fled to Asia. In the spring 300 Persian ships gathered at Samos, where they watched lest the Ionians revolt.

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