Book 8

8.131 110 Greek ships gathered at Aegina in the spring. The Spartan Leotychides was in command. Xanthippus led the Athenian contingent.

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8.132 Messengers came to Aegina hoping to persuade the Greeks to sail to Ionia. But the Greeks were afraid to sail farther east than Delos.

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8.133 They sailed to Delos. Meanwhile, Mardonius, in Thessaly, sent a guy named Mys out to consult the oracles.

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8.134 Mys went around to various oracles, consulting them himself or, where necessary, having someone else do so on his behalf.

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8.135 At the sanctuary of Ptoan Apollo, the god prophesied in a language the locals didn't know. Mys recognized it as Carian & recorded it.

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8.136 After reading the oracles Mys had collected, Mardonius sent Alexander of Macedon to Athens to ask the Athenians for an alliance.

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8.137 Alex was descended from Perdiccas, the 1st king of Macedon. P & his bros, exiles from Argos, worked for a time for the king of Lebaea.

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8.138 The king sent the brothers away, then tried to have them killed, but the boys escaped and ultimately subdued all of Macedon.

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8.139 So the line of descent was this: Perdiccas > Argaeus > Philippus > Aeropus > Alcetes > Amyntas > Alexander.

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8.140 Alexander delivered Mardonius' msg, asking the Athenians to ally w/Persia on good terms, and he urged them himself to accept the deal.

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