Book 8

8.21 A messenger came from Thermopylae and told the Greeks the army had perished. The fleet now retreated by contingent, the Athenians last.

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8.22 But Themistocles went around to places where there was drinkable water and left messages urging the Ionians in Xerxes' fleet to desert.

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8.23 When the Persians heard the Greeks had pulled out, they sailed across to Euboea and captured towns in the northern part of the island.

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8.24 Meanwhile Xerxes had hidden 19,000 of the 20,000 Persian dead at Thermopylae. Then he invited his sailors to come view the battlefield.

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8.25 So many men went to see the corpses it was hard to find a boat. But Xerxes' trick didn't fool them: 1000 Persian dead vs. 4000 Greeks.

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8.26 Some deserters from Arcadia came to Xerxes. He asked what the Greeks were up to. They told him the Olympics were being celebrated.

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8.27 After Thermopylae the Thessalians sent a herald to the Phocians, who had defeated their infantry in battle not long before.

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8.28 The Phocians had also defeated their cavalry. They put jars in covered pits. When the horses charged they fell and broke their legs.

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8.29 The Thessalians, who had medized, said via messenger that if the Phocians paid them 50 talents they'd keep Xerxes away from Phocis.

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8.30 The Phocians refused to give them any money, & they said they would not medize. They were the only ones in that area who did not do so.

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