Book 8

8.31 The Thessalians were angry at this response and led the Persians to Phocis.

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8.32 The Persians invaded Phocis & ravaged the country, burning cities & sanctuaries. But they didn’t catch the Phocians, who had retreated.

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8.33 They marched down the Cephisus, burning city after city. They caught some of the Phocians and gang raped the women, some of whom died.

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8.34 The Persian army then split up. The larger part, with Xerxes, invaded Boeotia on their way to Athens. The Boeotians all medized.

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8.35 The other part of the army marched off toward Delphi to plunder the shrine. They marauded and pillaged the cities they passed en route.

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8.36 The Delphians, instructed by Apollo to leave the holy stuff where it was (as he'd take care of it), fled Delphi, leaving 61 men behind.

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8.37 When the Persians marched on Delphi, lightning struck. 2 boulders broke off from the mountain & fell on the Persians, killing many men.

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8.38 The Persians fled, terrified by this & other signs. They were chased & killed by the Delphians &, reportedly, by 2 inhumanly large men.

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8.39 The Delphians said these were their heroes Phylacus & Autonous. The 2 boulders are still there now, in the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia.

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8.40 After leaving Artemisium the Greek fleet stopped at Salamis, per the Athenians' request: they needed to evacuate Attica.

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