Book 8

8.41 The Athenians were told to save their households as best they could. They sent their families off to Troezen, Aegina, and Salamis.

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8.42 Meanwhile, more ships joined the Greek fleet gathered at Salamis. Eurybiades was in command, but the Athenians provided the most ships.

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8.43 The Peloponnesians together contributed 89 ships. Of these, 16 were Spartan and 40 were Corinthian.

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8.44 The Athenians had 180 ships. The Plataeans weren't serving with them as they had at Artemisium: they were busy evacuating their city.

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8.45 The Megarians had 20 ships, the Ambraciots 7, and the Leucadians 3.

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8.46 Aegina had 30 ships at Salamis, and Chalcis 20. The Eretrians, Ceans, and Naxians were among the others who fought on the Greek side.

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8.47 All these came from south of the river Acheron in NW Greece. Of those farther away, only the people of Croton helped, with one ship.

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8.48 The Greeks had 378 triremes in all plus four penteconters (which the Melians, Siphnians, and Seriphians supplied).

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8.49 The Greeks debated where they should meet the Persians at sea. Most wanted to sail to the Isthmus & fight off the Peloponnesian coast.

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8.50 While they were debating, news came that the Persians were in Attica, having burned Thespia and Plataea on their way through Boeotia.

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