Book 8

8.51 The Persians had taken 4 months to get from the Hellespont to Attica. They found it deserted except for a few men on the Acropolis.

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8.52 The Persians besieged the Acropolis, shooting flaming arrows at the Athenians' wooden defenses. The defenders launched stones at them.

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8.53 Finally some of the Persians climbed the Acropolis and let the rest in. They butchered the Athenians and set the Acropolis on fire.

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8.54 Having taken Athens, Xerxes sent a man to Susa with the news. He also bid some Athenian exiles to perform sacrifices on the Acropolis.

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8.55 There's a sacred olive tree on the Acropolis. The Persians burned it, but by the next day it had grown a new, 1.5-foot shoot.

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8.56 When the Greeks heard what had happened on the Acropolis, they resolved to fight for the Isthmus, and they repaired to their ships.

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8.57 Now an Athenian, Mnesiphilus, privately urged Themistocles to make Eurybiades change his mind: if they left Salamis the war was lost.

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8.58 Themistocles went off to talk to Eurybiades. He persuaded him to get off his ship and summon the generals to a conference.

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8.59 At the conference Themistocles started speaking before Eurybiades. He was chided for doing so by the Corinthian Adeimantus.

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8.60 Themistocles explained why fighting off of Salamis was best: e.g., the Greeks' smaller fleet would fare better in the confined space.

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