Book 8

8.61 Adeimantus again rebuked Themistocles--he was a "cityless man"--but Them. noted that the Athenians still had 200 fully manned ships.

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8.62 Finally, Themistocles said that if Eurybiades withdrew from Salamis the Athenians would sail off & make a home for themselves in Italy.

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8.63 Eurybiades decided, then, that they would fight at Salamis, probably because he was afraid the Athenians would desert the Greek cause.

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8.64 The next A.M. an earthquake prompted the Greeks to seek help from Ajax & Telamon. They sent men to Aegina to get the heroes’ images.

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8.65 While Attica was being ravaged a huge dust cloud floated from Eleusis toward Salamis, presaging the destruction of the Persian fleet.

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8.66 The Persians now had as many men and ships as they’d ever had: they’d made up their losses with Greek conscripts.

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8.67 Xerxes went down to the fleet at Phalerum and had Mardonius ask the various commanders assembled there whether he should fight at sea.

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8.68 Everyone said he should except Artemisia. She urged him not to meet the Greeks at sea but to either stay put or go to the Peloponnese.

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8.69 The others thought Xerxes would punish her for speaking her mind, but in fact he admired her for it. Still, he decided to fight at sea.

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8.70 Xerxes' fleet drew up for battle, but there wasn't much daylight left. Meanwhile, his army began marching toward the Peloponnese.

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