Book 8

8.71 The Greeks, however, had thousands of men at the Isthmus building a wall under the supervision of Leonidas' brother Cleombrotus.

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8.72 Among the Peloponnesians who came to the Isthmus to fight were the Lacedaemonians & Corinthians, but there were others who didn't show.

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8.73 Seven peoples inhabit the Peloponnese, but most of their cities sent no help. To my mind, those who remained neutral sided w/Persia.

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8.74 Many of the Greeks at Salamis were still for withdrawing to the Peloponnese. This disagreement resulted finally in another meeting.

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8.75 While the Greeks debated, Themistocles secretly sent a messenger to Xerxes to tell him the Greeks were planning on leaving Salamis.

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8.76 The Persians responded by posting men on the island of Psyttaleia and positioning their ships so as to prevent the Greeks from leaving.

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8.77 I can't rebut the truth of oracles when I consider how clearly Apollo foretold Greece's day of freedom & the sea stained red w/blood.

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8.78 The Greek generals, meanwhile, were still debating at Salamis, unaware that the Persians had encircled them.

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8.79 Aristides arrived during the meeting--the justest man in Athens, IMHO. He told Themistocles privately that the Greeks were surrounded.

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8.80 Themistocles was pleased as the Greeks wd now be forced to fight at Salamis. He asked that Aristides be the one to give them the news.

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