Book 9

9.1 When Mardonius received the Athenians’ response from Alexander, he set out against Athens from Thessaly, drafting more men en route.

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9.2 When he got to Boeotia the Thebans suggested he make Thebes his base & that he take Greece w/o a fight by bribing various Greek leaders.

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9.3 But Mardonius yearned to take Athens a 2nd time. When he did, he found it deserted. This was 9 months after he'd first taken the city.

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9.4 While in Athens, Mardonius sent a messenger to the Athenians at Salamis to offer an alliance on the same terms he'd offered before.

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9.5 M's messenger spoke to Athens' councilors, one of whom suggested they consider the matter. The Athenians stoned him & his fam. to death.

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9.6 The Athenians had crossed to Salamis when Mardonius was in Boeotia, and they complained to the Spartans as they hadn't yet sent an army.

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9.7 (The wall across the Isthmus was still under construction.) Athens' messengers addressed Sparta's ephors & asked them to send help ASAP.

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9.8 The Spartans continually postponed responding to the Athenians, for 10 days in all, while they feverishly worked on the Isthmus wall.

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9.9 Finally a Tegean man pointed out that, w/o Athens, Sparta would be vulnerable to invasion by sea however many walls crossed the Isthmus.

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9.10 Secretly, that very night, the Spartans sent off an army of 5000 Spartiates under the command of the regent Pausanias and Euryanax.

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