Book 9

9.91 L. asked one of the men his name. Learning it was Hegesistratus [leader of the army], he agreed to go, but had them 1st swear an oath.

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9.92 The men swore oaths of alliance & sailed away, but Leotychides had Hegesistratus sail with his own men because of the omen of his name.

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9.93 The next day the Greek seer Deïphonus sacrificed. His dad had been blinded for letting wolves kill 60 sacred sheep. He got reparations.

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9.94 He was given, per his suggestion, the two best estates in Apollonia, and from that day onward he also had a natural gift for prophecy.

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9.95 So Deïphonus was this guy's son--supposedly. I've heard that he wasn't, though, and that he just pretended he was so he could get work.

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9.96 The Greeks sailed to Samos & prepared to fight at sea. Wanting to avoid this, the Persians decided to beach their ships & build a fort.

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9.97 The Persians drew their ships up on shore near a temple of Demeter and built a stockade, prepared either for a siege or for a victory.

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9.98 The Greeks followed the Persians to Mycale & found them deployed on shore. Leotychides sailed by & called out to the Ionians to desert.

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9.99 The Greeks landed & formed 4 battle. The Persians disarmed the Samians lest they revolt & they had the Milesians guard the mtn passes.

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9.100 The Greeks advanced against the Persians. As they did a rumor spread among them--based on an omen--that the Greeks had won in Boeotia.

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