Book 9

9.101 Not only were the battles at Plataea and Mycale on the same day, but they were also both fought close to sanctuaries of Demeter. 

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9.102 The Athenians fought 1st (as the Spartans were delayed by the terrain). Eventually all the barbarians but the Persians took to flight.

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9.103 The Spartans now came up & joined the fight. The disarmed Samians & the other Ionians deserted the Persians and fought for the Greeks.

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9.104 The Milesians, ordered to guard the mtn passes for the Persians, instead helped the Greeks. Thus Ionia revolted for the second time.

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9.105 The best among the Greeks at Mycale were the Athenians, and the best Athenian was Hermolycus, who was a pancratiast [boxer/wrestler].

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9.106 Later, in Samos, the Greeks debated abandoning Ionia/resettling its ppl. The Ath refused. The Ionians joined the Grk alliance instead.

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9.107 Some of the barbarians, not many, had fled to the heights of Mycale, among them Xerxes' bro Masistes. They made their way to Sardis.

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9.108 Xerxes, in Sardis, had fallen 4 Masistes’ wife. But after his son married M.'s daughter Artaÿnte he wanted her instead. She obliged.

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9.109 X offered Artaÿnte any gift she wanted. She wanted the robe his wife had made him & refused anything else. Unhappy, he gave it to her.

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9.110 Amestris, Xerxes' wife, found out A. had the robe but thought A's mother was behind it. On X’s birthday she asked for a gift: the mom.

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