Book 9

9.111 Xerxes feared her intentions but gave her the woman. Then he bid Masistes to leave his wife & remarry. Masistes refused & stormed out.

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9.112 While they were talking, Amestris cut off her sister-in-law's breasts, nose, ears, lips, and tongue and sent her home.

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9.113 Masistes, fearing something bad, ran home & found his wife. He & his sons set off 2 raise a rebellion, but Xerxes had them all killed.

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9.114 The Grks sailed from Samos to Abydos & found X's bridges already broken. The Spartans went home. The Ath. stayed to besiege Sestos.

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9.115 Lots of Persians were in Sestos, including Oeobazus. He had stored the gear from the bridges there.

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9.116 The satrap Artaÿctes was there too. He'd tricked X. into giving him the sanctuary of Protesilaus. He defiled it by having sex there.

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9.117 The Athenians were still besieging Sestos in the fall. The rank and file wanted to go home then, but the generals insisted they stay.

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9.118 Inside Sestos they were in dire straits, boiling leather for food. Oeobazus & Artaÿctes escaped over the wall. The rest surrendered.

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9.119 Oeob. fled to Thrace. He was caught & sacrificed to a local god. The Greeks captured Artaÿctes & son and brought them back to Sestos.

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9.120 Artaÿctes offered $ for their release but the Athenians refused. They nailed him to a plank near the shore & stoned his son to death.

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