Book 9

9.21 The Megarians were especially hard pressed by the cavalry. 300 Athenians volunteered to help them. They were commanded by Olympiodorus.

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9.22 There was another battle during which Masistius was killed. When the Persians realized he was dead they attacked to recover the corpse.

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9.23 The 300, being worsted by the cavalry, summoned reinforcements. Together they beat the Persians, who withdrew w/o retrieving the body.

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9.24 The Persians mourned Masistius, shaving their heads and their horses' manes and their other animals. Their lamentations filled Boeotia.

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9.25 Meanwhile, the Greeks paraded Masistius' corpse around on a wagon. They then moved their camp to a place where there was more water.

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9.26 The Tegeans and Athenians fought over who would hold the army's left wing. (The Spartans were on the right.) The Tegeans spoke first.

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9.27 The Athenians argued for the left wing next, citing inter alia their victory over the Persians at Marathon. The Athenians won the day.

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9.28 The Greeks took up their positions: the Spartans on the right, Athenians on the left & all the other Greeks by divisions in the middle.

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9.29 There were 38,700 hoplites gathered at Plataea and 69,500 lightly armed troops. 

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9.30 There were also 1800 Thespians present, though they had no armor. All together, then, the Greeks had 110,000 at Plataea.

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