Book 9

9.31 The barbarians now formed in battle order near the Asopus: the Persians opposite the Spartans; the Boeotians et al. opp. the Athenians.

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9.32 Mardonius had 300,000 barbarians under his command & some number of Greeks--I'd guess 50,000. This is not counting the cavalry.

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9.33 The next day both sides made sacrifices. Tisamenus, who'd been given Spartan citizenship (w/his bro), performed them for the Greeks.

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9.34 (Tisamenus got the Spartans to give his bro citizenship in the same way Melampus won a share of the Argive kingship for his brother.)

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9.35 Tisamenus & his bro were the only people who ever became Spartan citizens. T. helped the Spartans win 5 contests: the 1st was Plataea.

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9.36 The sacrificial omens showed that the Greeks wd fare well if they stayed on the defensive & didn't cross the Asopus to begin the fight.

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9.37 Mardonius too was told to stay on the defensive by his seer, Hegesistratus, a Greek who'd once cut off his own foot to escape chains.

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9.38 Meanwhile, someone advised Mardonius to block the passes over Cithaeron to cut off the Greeks who were streaming in to join the fight.

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9.39 Mardonius sent his cavalry to the passes. They captured 500 pack animals that were bringing in food & killed many of the animals & men.

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9.40 Nothing more happened for 2 days, as neither side wanted to initiate battle. But the Persian cavalry did continually harass the Greeks.

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