Book 9

9.51 They decided to withdraw that night to a place nearer Plataea w/abundant water. Then they'd send men to recover their baggage train.

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9.52 They were harassed by cavalry all day. That night they withdrew, but most fled to the wrong place, the temple of Hera outside Plataea.

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9.53 Pausanias gave orders for the Spartans to retreat to the agreed upon place, but 1 regimental commander, Amompharetus, refused to obey.

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9.54 Meanwhile, the Athenians sent a herald to see if the Spartans really intended to retreat, and to ask Pausanias what they should do.

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9.55 The herald found Pausanias arguing w/Amomph. Pausanias told the herald the Athenians shd join his troops and follow the Spartans’ lead.

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9.56 In the morning Pausanias withdrew, leaving Amompharetus & his men behind. The Athenians withdrew as well, but by a different route.

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9.57 A. hadn't thought they'd actually desert him. Finally he withdrew & caught up w/the other Spartans. Then the Persian cavalry attacked.

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9.58 When Mardonius found out the Spartans had withdrawn, he mocked their cowardice and ordered his men to pursue them.

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9.59 The barbarians crossed the Asopus in pursuit, heading toward the Spartans & Tegeans. The Athenians hadn't met up w/the Spartans yet.

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9.60 The Spartans, under attack by the Persian cavalry, sent a messenger to the Athenians asking them to send help.

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