Book 9

9.71 Of the barbarians, the Persians had the best infantry, and Mardonius was the best man. Of the Greeks, the Spartans excelled in courage.

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9.72 Callicrates, the most handsome of the Greeks,  was shot with an arrow & killed while sitting at his post before the battle even began.

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9.73 Among the Athenians, Sophanes of the deme Decelea particularly distinguished himself.

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9.74 Some say Sophanes literally anchored himself in position during the battle. Others say there was an anchor depicted on his shield.

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9.75 At the Athenian siege of Aegina Sophanes killed Eurybates of Argos. He died in battle himself years later while serving as a general.

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9.76 A woman who'd been captured and kept as a Persian's concubine  sought out Pausanias and begged him to free her. He did what she asked.

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9.77 The Mantineans and Eleans arrived then and lamented being too late for the fight. They went home and banished their military leaders.

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9.78 An Aeginetan suggested to Pausanias after the battle that he impale Mardonius' head on a stake like the Persians had done to Leonidas.

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9.79 Pausanias told him that such an act was more fitting for barbarians than Greeks, and he should not make a suggestion like that again.

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9.80 Pausanias ordered that the booty from the Persian camp and from the corpses be gathered. No one should take anything for themselves.

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