Book 9

9.81 They dedicated 1/10 of the booty each to the gods at Delphi, Olympia, & the Isthmus. Paus. got 10 of everything. The rest was divided.

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9.82 Seeing Mardonius' luxurious tent, Pausanias had M's cooks make the sort of meal they'd have made for him--a far cry from Spartan fare.

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9.83 Long afterwards, the Plataeans would find gold & silver near the battlefield--also, weird skeletons, like that of a man 7.5 feet tall.

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9.84 The day after the battle, someone--I haven't been able to find out who--stole Mardonius' corpse and reportedly buried it.

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9.85 After they'd divided the spoils, the Greeks buried their dead, each people separately. Most buried all their dead in a single grave.

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9.86 Ten days after the battle the Greeks besieged Thebes, demanding they surrender the medizers, particularly Timagenidas and Attaginus.

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9.87 Nineteen days into the siege Timagenidas told the Thebans he was willing to surrender himself. They approved and contacted Pausanias.

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9.88 They came to terms. Attaginus escaped, though his children were captured. Pausanias released them but had the medizers executed.

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9.89 Meanwhile, Artabazus and his men made their way through Greece, Macedon, and Thrace (where many were killed), and crossed to Asia.

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9.90 The Persians lost at Mycale on the same day as Plataea. The Samians had sent men to Leotychides at Delos to urge him to sail to Ionia.

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