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Having written my History of the Persian Wars at considerable length I have decided to produce an abbreviated version of it, a "Twitter Herodotus" for the modern age: one 140-character tweet per day, one tweet per section. The project, begun on October 29, 2010, will take almost five years to complete. I should be posting the final tweet in January of 2015.

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9.76 A woman who'd been captured and kept as a Persian's concubine  sought out Pausanias and begged him to free her. He did what she asked.

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9.75 At the Athenian siege of Aegina Sophanes killed Eurybates of Argos. He died in battle himself years later while serving as a general.

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9.74 Some say Sophanes literally anchored himself in position during the battle. Others say there was an anchor depicted on his shield.

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9.73 Among the Athenians, Sophanes of the deme Decelea particularly distinguished himself.

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9.72 Callicrates, the most handsome of the Greeks,  was shot with an arrow & killed while sitting at his post before the battle even began.

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9.71 Of the barbarians, the Persians had the best infantry, and Mardonius was the best man. Of the Greeks, the Spartans excelled in courage.

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9.70 The Greeks breached the walls of the Persians' fort & slaughtered the men inside. Only 3000 escaped. 159 Greeks died in this encounter.

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9.69 The Greeks at the temple of Hera, hearing there'd been a battle, set out & were attacked by the Theban cavalry, who killed 600 of them.

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9.68 The barbarians' success clearly depended on the Persians: when they ran everybody ran, tho the cavalry stayed & helped those who fled.

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9.67 Meanwhile, of the medizing Greeks, the Thebans fought the Athenians most fiercely. Still, they were routed, and they fled to Thebes.

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